Golden milk two ways: sleepy time and afternoon tea 

On my good days I try to switch up my afternoon coffee routine with a cup of golden milk. When I first heard about this traditional Ayurvedic medicinal drink made with tumeric I was intrigued and was willing to give it a try for all its great health benefits. Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties and combined with the other ingredients it’s a powerhouse of a health elixir. And the name, golden milk drew me in – sounded like a luxurious way to kick off my late afternoon to tide me over before the dinner prep frenzy.

Some people might think this process is a bit involved and it’s defnitely not as simple as brewing a bag of tea, but since I make my coffee using the pour over method, this recipe has a familiar ring of ritual. Gathering the various spices, warming up the milk in a pot, whisking the coconut oil together to melt it all into a golden cup of goodness is all part of the experience and perhaps part of its health benefits. It forces you to slow down and take in the scents, the textures and the transformation of the different ingredients into a creamy golden tonic that is comforting and healing.

I’ve also tried a recipe dubbed as an “evening tea” with its addition of chamomile and it is quite wonderful and calming for unwinding in the evening.

So here they are – the two versions of golden milk tea, which could be consumed anytime of the day, but make it when you need it and see how you like it.

Note: Black pepper helps with the bioavailability of Tumeric – allows your body to absorb the good stuff (curcumin). It also adds little kick and warming quality to the drink.

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When we first moved to the bay area, Chez Panisse was absolutely one of the restaurants on our bucket list. As the restaurant that started the ripple effects of how we are eating today – seasonal, high-quality and local ingredients I was excited to make my pilgrimage.

Booked months in advance we finally made it for our sixth wedding anniversary. Of course the entire meal was just amazing. I had the single best salad of my life there – and I really do believe it was because every salad leaf and each ingredient in that dressing was of upmost quality and the best it could be. I just can’t even put it into words. But this post isn’t really about the perfection of every course and how satisfying each portion of it was.  It’s about a small little detail after all the plates had been served.

I pleasantly discovered the tisanewhich was given to us after our meal.  A tisane is an herbal infusion, an herbal tea if you will, and the one served at Chez Panisse was made with lemon verbena. And there are many beautiful variations of infusions you can make.

The lemon verbena tisane piqued my interest with its refreshing and clean flavor that seemed to be so simple to make. I decided to try making one at home and it was so easy and a wonderful way to recall our anniversary dinner.

A simple “recipe” from the Kitchn for lemon verbena tisane below.

  • Pick 1-2 handfuls of lemon verbena or lemon balm leaves. You can include the stems, too.
  • Place them in a teapot.
  • Heat water to nearly boiling. Boiling water will oversteep and cook the delicate leaves and give a grassy taste. The water should be the same temperature as you would use for French press coffee, or for green tea.
  • Let steep for several minutes before drinking, but leave the herbs in.
  • Pour into tea cups and enjoy!

And here are some great ideas to add more complexity and play around with other flavors.