Month: June 2016


Happy Friday! Thought I’d start a series sharing links (instead of hoarding them on my bookmark tab 🙂 ) that caught my eye this week. If you’re taking a break, you can check them out below. The easiest way to de-stem Kale I’ve ever seen! No Knife needed. Demo starts at 1:40 mark in video. This looks like a fun project – Drawing daily purchases. Nice to see recyclable disposable coffee pods. Farmer’s market fruit salad recipe for the weekend. Weekend decluttering mini-project. It’s officially summer. Are you making cold-brewed coffee yet? Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, the Musical at Children’s Fairyland. If you have a toddler, you probably know this beloved book by heart.  


I admit, there are days I need a lot of motivation to roll up my sleeves and take action in the kitchen to get dinner started. We recent got back from a weeklong trip to NYC and with our normal rhythm out of whack, I’ve been needing a little more push to do the normal dinner routine. One way I’ve tried to snap myself back into motivation is to tap into the wonderful world of Youtube and the great content out there that seems devoted to passing on recipes as much as it is to get people motivated to cook. While there’s a lot of bad (IMO) content out there, I found a wonderful gem called Green Kitchen Stories. It’s filled with gorgeous food photography and all the recipes are vegetarian/ plant-based. My eyes and mouth were watering. I’m not a vegetarian, but I love my greens and this channel just might convert a carnivore to vegetarianism. The videos did their job of convincing me that my experience in the kitchen will be filled with music, beutiful ceramic …