I have a confession, I enjoy binge watching cooking shows and food related TV like there is no tomorrow. There, I said it. I suppose that wasn’t much of a confession and if you’re reading this blog then you can probably relate!

We cut the cable cord when we moved to the Bay Area two years ago and have enjoyed all that the ROKU and streaming media has to offer. I felt like I hit the jackpot this past Sunday afternoon while my little one napped and my 3 year old (and mommy) snuck in some screen time. Its been a rough few days with a virus going through my family, so I needed this downtime. So I went looking for some food related media naturally.

The PBS Roku app is full of food show gems of my childhood before glossy, high-production Food Network shows hit the scene. I remember as a kid spending afternoons after church watching Martin Yen, Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Lidia Bastianich, etc enjoying them thoroughly and being entertained like it was a Saturday morning cartoon.

So while watching “Baking with Julia” I clicked on the RELATED SHOWS button and a bunch of amazing quality programing you can expect from PBS popped up. There’s a nice variety of content from full fledged series shows like “Mind of a Chef” and shorter web content like “Kitchen Vignettes.”

Here are some selects with a link to an episode I was able to check out before I had to address reality and get my waking baby and think about what to make for dinner. I think I’ll also add writing a check to PBS for a nice Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!